Due to our cooperation with CAME Company we can offer you the best  products:

CAT chain barrier automation: complex automation with motor operator, control panel and a radio receiver. Manoeuvre speed: CAT-X – 11 secs; CAT – X24 – 9-14 secs. Operating environment: shopping centres, offices, banks, driveways, crossings.



UNIPARK Parking Space Saver Automation – available in two sizes: UNIPARK – height: 450 mm, width – 350 mm and UNIPARK L – height – 552 mm, width – 800 mm.


We also offer products of the TESCON Security Systems, such as:

TYRE KILLER blocker: electro-hydraulic blocker to be installed on road surface,  moved out after a signal. Blocking width:  from 2000 mm to 6000 mm. Blocking height: heavy-duty steel spikes 475 mm high.



ROAD BLOCKER: electro-hydraulic blocker moved out of the road surface. Blocking width: from 2000 mm to 6000 mm ( in steps of  500 mm). Blocking height: from 675 mm to 800 mm above road level.