As your future partner we want to offer you various methods and ways of fence systems, gates and access control systems installation. Our experience, tools equipment as well as trained, multilanguage staff guarantee professional, efficient and punctual service.
We also provide full technical service, technical inspections and post-service reparations and renovations.
Due to wide selections of fence systems we offer versatile consulting services to our Clients to ensure the choice they make fulfils their needs, as our products is your long lasting investment

SPECIAL INSTALLATION: we have long-term experience in special installations for sports constructions (complex tennis courts fences), constructing and installing various types of ball baskets for schools and fully automatic access control systems (barriers, road blockers, turnstiles). Our Company installed the first in this part of Europe telescopic sliding gate – 39,00 meters gate (MTP Company entrance in Poznań). Having solid knowledge in special installations, we are still opened for new challenges.


ECONOMIC INSTALLATION: in order to provide the best services for our Clients, we part of a very small group providing economic fence systems installations. Very solid and stable fences can be made by firming bars constructions into the ground at the level of 80-100 cm instead of making very expensive concrete punctual basements. This type of installation is also time effective, what is important as far as safety of other construction works is considered.
In economic system safe fences dismantling guarantees saving high quality of fencing materials (undamaged protection covers) and enables reinstalling. In order to protect objects under construction, we offer special mobile fences.


TRADITIONAL INSTALLATION: many fence systems we offer may be installed in traditional ways: bars placed in the ground in appropriate distances on concrete punctual basement 30 x 30 x 80 cm.
Our Company also offers many types of concrete substructures or basements for gates, pedestrian gates, barriers etc. Equipment we have allows to conduct any ground works, to include necessary ground levelling or fence dismantling – it saves your money and time as you do not need to engage any additional special teams.